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Dadreeios Blog: Latest Fashion, Trends and Clothing Lifestyle

Dadreeios Blog: Latest Fashion, Trends and Clothing Lifestyle

Here we will study and learn about:

 1. The Types of Fashion

 2. Fashion Trends

 3. Stylish Trendy and Fashionable Clothing Designs

Generally, fashion is divided by garment manufacturers into three categories as following:

1) Haute couture: Until the 1950s, most of the fashion clothing was specially designed and manufactured on a made-to-order, made-to-measure or haute couture basis. At that time each and every dress/ suit was created for a specific and individual customer. Examples such as Fashion Designer-Made, Tailor-Made and Custom-Made. However, those dresses/suits were very expensive but they were very important from the point of view of chic style, high-end quality, status and publicity.

2) Ready-to-wear: These types of clothes are like a cross between the haute couture and the mass market. Ready-to-wear clothes are not created for specific and individual customers but these clothes are exclusively and authentically made in small quantities with extra care, choice, artwork and cut of the fabric, so they are comparatively very expensive. For example Winter Collection, Summer Collection, Spring Collection etc.

3) Mass Market: Nowadays, the fashion industry is mostly dependent on mass-market sales. Today mass markets are catering for the widest range of the latest, stylish, trendy, hand-made, hand-tailored, machine-made clothing to customers across the globe. They are continuously producing readymade and ready-to-wear garments according to fashion trends set by well-known fashion names. They are using cheaper fabric materials, simpler modern production techniques, manual machines, digital and automatic machines in order to decrease the cost of their garments. So that they can sell their garments at even cheaper prices in the market across the globe.

Along with time, these categories had been split into additional various types of fashion styles. We will discuss them in detail in our forthcoming blog Post.

Fashion Trends mean a particular style or expression in fashion or clothing or accessories or entertainment which becomes very popular or hugely viral among people in society across the globe during a particular time or period. We can say it is a general direction or tendency or development or change in a scenario that people are liking and behaving accordingly. For a better understanding of the concept of fashion trends, we can take these few examples like the style of jeans, bell bottoms etc. Further, we can also include it in some distinct and extraordinary shell fashion jewellery, bamboo fashion bags, oversized fashion hats, embellished fashion belts, tie-dye, print patterns, sequins, fringes and puffed sleeves etc. 

Further, fashion trends are like physical looks, appearances or expressions of trends and they are generally based on social-cultural influences, mostly by means of visual and haptic characteristics applied to fashion clothing, garments, apparel and accessories.

Fashion trends play a very important role in today's fashion world because it allows fashion industries, brands, designers or businesses to break the boundaries of the market. It encourages the fashion industries, brands, designers as well as businesses to put forward new ideas, concepts and opportunities. As a result of this, they can communicate their values in a proper and diverse manner.

The setting of a fashion trend means to do something that becomes popular, hugely accepted or fashionable, and copied by most of the other people in society across the globe. There are various variables that impact fashion trends in the extreme, for example, films, actors, actresses, celebrities, fashion advertisements, fashion magazines, fashion designers, fashion models, fashion bloggers, leaders, personalities, season, climate, customs, traditions, cultures, social, political, technical and economic influences etc. Most fashion experts assume that the trend's lifespan is very long. What do you think about it? Please share your valuable thoughts with us.

Normally, fashion trends are spread or get viral by people. Everybody plays a very important role in this activity of making an idea and converting that idea into a reality. On the other hand, Innovators bring an idea to life, thereafter early adopters also have a significant influence on it. Thus this trend becomes a reality in society.

Dadreeios Blog: Latest Fashion, Trends and Clothing Lifestyle

Fashion trends are basically divided into three parts as follows:

1) Long-Term Fashion Trend

2) Intermediate Fashion Trend

3) Short-Term Fashion Trends

If you want to walk with the time and upgrade yourself. Then you should always follow the latest fashion, trends & clothing styles.

Now the question arrives in our mind who sets these fashion trends? Actually, the people who are the most responsible for deciding what is actually trending are known as trend forecasters. They mainly pay attention to two particular points or types of fashion trends i.e. macro trends and micro trends.

Actually, fashion trends are a little slower-paced but represent it occurring on a very high scale. Isn't this surprising!

1) Macro Trends: A macro trend's age is typically from five to ten years. Here, the adoption of social media by us can be considered one of the best examples of previous global macro trends.

2) Micro Trends: A micro trend's age is typically from three to five years. Microtrends refer a smaller change in consumer behaviour which is changing business scenarios in a short-term period.

Have you ever wondered why fashion trends are so important?

Fashion trends are very important because they provide us new ways, of learning, know-how, tools, events and opportunities in order to experiment with a lot of new things in our day-to-day life and helps generate new ideas, concepts and perception.

On the other hand, along with a lot of good and positive impacts of fashion trends, there are some negative impacts of fashion trends on some young minds has been seen and experienced by some fashion experts such as Extreme or Keen Competition, Guilt, Addiction, Workload, Work Pressure, Low Self-Esteem, Mental Illness and Copying Others etc.

As people start copying and adapting new things, those things become very popular, get viral or spread by people so fast and this activity converts into a mass fashion trend in society.

Why Fashion trends analysis are so important?

Uptrends, downtrends, horizontal trend figures and analysis help you to find out the correct data and your business performance. As a result of this, you can easily predict in which direction your current business is going on. It gives you a clear picture and a perfect idea about how you might change current things in order to move forward your business in the right manner and in the right direction.

A quote is very famous that "History repeats itself". Similarly, these fashion trends always move in a cycle. Fashion trends come and go but after a long time, most of the fashion pieces, designs and fashion trends repeat themselves with a little bit of change again and again. 

Stylish, Trendy and Fashionable Clothes or Apparel or Outfits refers to any new clothes which are unique, different or ultimately, exclusively designed and created by well-known fashion names keeping in mind current running fashion trends, social and market needs during a specific time or period.

For your kind information, In our next Blog Post, we will discuss more factors related to Fashion, Trends and Clothing Styles.

For more fashion-related information, please don't forget to see our next Blog Post.


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Sunday 11 September 2022

Dadreeios Blog: India's Most Revolutionary & Trendiest Fashion Blog

Dadreeios Blog: India's Most Revolutionary & Trendiest Fashion Blog

Best fashion and lifestyle information, ideas, inspirations, tips and news about the latest fashion, trends and clothing styles.

There are so many important factors that directly or indirectly influence fashion, trends and clothing styles. We will know all of those important factors one by one in detail.

Let's Start an Exciting, Pleasing and Never Ending Fashion Journey.

Countdown: 10: 09: 08: 07: 06: 05: 04: 03: 02: 01: 00 - Let's Start

First of all, we will try to know and understand the actual meaning of fashion. However, it is not so easy to define fashion completely because, for example, this idiom is very popular "Many Men, Many Minds", everyone has tried to define and explain the interpretation of fashion in their own way. According to some fashion experts, fashion means a Look that is trending during a specific period at a specific geographical place or boundary i.e. village, town, city, metro city, region, country or we can say worldwide. Fashion is a self-presentation and it fulfils and allows everybody to show their uniqueness, personal tastes and style. Fashion may be the core of your personal identityThe squeeze of all of them is something like this. From our point of view, fashion is a great way to express yourself by some particular references of apparel, jewellery, artificial jewellery, footwear, lifestyle, make-up, hair-cut style, accessories and body posture during a specific period at a specific geographical place or boundary i.e. village, town, city, metro city, region, country or we can say worldwide. On the other hand, fashion defines you, your personality or who you are. Whenever you look at yourself in the mirror after wearing the latest, stylish, trendy and fashionable clothes or jewellery, fashion gives you happiness and an extraordinary feeling i.e. the Feeling of being Number One, a Feeling of High Confidence! Agree or Not?

Fashion is a very wide and dimensional concept yet very interesting for all. When someone compliments you about your dress, footwear, jewellery, artificial jewellery, watch, belt, bag, purse, clutch, wallet, hair-cut style, make-up etc. by saying that "You are looking gorgeous!" or "You are looking dashing!" or "You are looking very beautiful!" or "You are looking very handsome!" or " You are looking awesome!" or "You have a very good fashion sense!" or "What a beautiful watch" or "Oh! nice purse, from where did you get this?" etc. etc. How much happiness and proud you feel to hear these compliments at that instant, you know. Along with this, how much your self-confidence goes up, you also know this. Sometimes some people say that "You have no fashion sense" or " You have a poor fashion sense" this is the point of time when fashion style comes into the picture because fashion plays a very important and major role in your life which can take you to new fashion heights or can also make you fall.

Fashion is not just a word, it is a complete sentence in itself that shows your personality, class, position, origin, culture, religion, tradition, mood, preferences and above all your self-confidence.

However, fashion never dies but it never stays static. This will not be wrong to say here that fashion has always been changing and will always be changing! If you see from our perception, this is very necessary. In reference to change in fashion, someone said a very beautiful and meaningful line "Change in fashion is very necessary to keep life interesting!" What do you think about change in fashion, is it necessary or not? You may share your opinion, thoughts, suggestions and beliefs with us herein below-given comment box.

As you all know that history always repeats itself, it will be very interesting for you to know that similarly fashion too always repeats itself after a long period, ages or decades. Nowadays most people became very conscious, intelligent, serious and ambitious about their dream looks, personalities and body posture. Today, everybody wants to increase his/ her personal, social and commercial impact by grabbing the attention of others to him/ her. Due to this everybody's interest towards fashionable clothes, foot wears, jewellery, haircut styles and make-up is continuously going up day by day. From our point of view, it is the magic or miracle of fashion. Fashion kicks you to improve your personality and boosts your self-esteem!

If you will see today, whether it is a boy or girl, man or woman, old or young, slim or fatty, everybody is connected with fashion deeply from the bottom of his/ her heart. Fashion is about need but more about want as for some people, fashion is just their business or career, for some people it is just a need, for some people it is their passion, obsession or for some people it is lifestyle etc.

Education, Science and technology have played a very important role in each and every field around the world that are almost very impossible to ignore or forget because where we stand today is because of the contributions of education, science and technology. Today if you observe and notice surrounding yourself how many new interesting discoveries, experiments, inventions and innovations are being done in today's fashion industries by fashion experts and designers, all of these were made possible because of education, science and technology. This will not be wrong to say here that due to today's advanced education system and advanced science and advanced technology, fashion has become a very basic necessity and an integral part of everyone's lifestyle.

Whenever we talk or discuss fashion, what comes to our mind first? Think!

Yes, Obviously Stylish, Trendy and Fashionable Clothing/ Apparel/ Outfit Styles

For your kind information, In our next Blog Post, we will discuss the topic of Fashion Trends with Stylish, Trendy and Fashionable Clothing Styles for Fashion-Centric Men & Women.

For more fashion-related information, please don't forget to see our next Blog Post.


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